If you know of a great place to eat near a popular climbing area - send it in

Please include:
• what's the name of the place?
• what climbing area it is near? 
• what's the address? or do you have directions on how to find it?
• what should you go to this place for? what is it known for? or what's the best dish?

United states

Most mentioned places on Supertopo and Mountainproject.com:

Bishop, CA

Burger Barn
Schat’s Bakery
Mountain rambler Brewery

Joshua Tree, Ca
Pie for the people
Sam’s indian restaurant

Tuolumne, Ca
The Whoa Nellie Deli at the Mobil

Yosemite, Ca
Pizza deck
The Ahwahnee for hot chocolate

Boulder, CO
Rio grande for the roof deck

Eldorado Canyon, Co
The gas station on the way into Eldo for breakfast burritos

Estes park, Co
Ed’s Cantina
Baba’s Burgers & gyros

Rumney, nh
Biederman’s in Plymouth Common Cafe for breakfast

Red Rocks, nV
In-N-Out Burger on West Sahara mint indian Bistro























At the north side of the gorge in a bend in the road is a Tiny pizza place, run by a Spaniard, who made his way to the South of France through many other countries and careers. He’s hilarious, and bakes a good pizza. You can pick any pizza you want, but there’s a big chance that you’ll get something di erent, because he doesn’t have half of the ingredients in stock.



Oma Eichler's, Untertrubach is thé climber campground AND the place to eat some excellent cakes, baked by Martha, Oma's daughter.
Untertrubach Bakery. Or you go into town for € 1,50 pieces of 'kuchen'


The Aegean Tavern in Massouri is the place for superb fresh fish. Leave some space for the complimentary warm donuts with thyme-honey, cinnamon and vanilla ice-cream.


Want to eat where the locals eat? Pizzeria Centrale just outside the center is where you want to go.

At the foot of the hill of the Monte Cucco sector is Il Rifugio. Enjoy the great and affordable pizza’s & beers. The owner tells great stories of his days as a sailor on cruise ships “We called it the Love Boat” in the 1970s.
In Finalborgo, you’ll find a tiny gem called Ai Cuattru Canti. It serves typical Ligurian cuisine in two shifts 7 and 9PM. Make a reservation, then eat as much as you can: Antipasta, pasta, primi, great desserts, and limoncello to finish it off.


We all know Bofferding, the hangout right outside the crag,
and probably Pizza Oktav Amadeus in Echternach with the best thin- crust wood oven pizza and the spectacularly neurotic owner. But try the Chinese Place on the Rue d’Echternach in Berdorf some day, and make sure to take the very awkward aperitif!

Rosa and Espe run the wonderful Casa Rural Ca Calbet. The food is fabulous. If you are a big party let them know ahead of time.

Eat and stay at El Altico Hostelat the top of the cliff. It’s heaven on earth for both sleeping and eating.

Just up the road from Yosito and the Climbers’ Garden, there is a house next to the river that doesn’t look like a restaurant, but whose owners serve a great oven-baked fish in an oddly empty dining room.



From Mountainproject and Supertopo.com

The -'s are just dashes. The +'s are when multiple people mentioned the same place to eat.
(I did not get around to finish sorting these by state and location and all that)

- El Agave, Oakdale, CA.
- Pizza Deck in the Valley
- The taco truck on the 140 turn off from 70 (the way into the valley). Excellent.
- Super Burrito in Bend. Ever had a burrito wrapped around a chili relleno? OMG!
- ramon's tacos in Merced, on the way to or from the valley toward the Bay Area is not to be missed.

++++The Whoa Nelly Deli at the Mobil in Lee Vining

- Mag's 99, Squamish
- Zephyr Cafe - Sqaumish
- Essence of India and
- the Shady Tree.
- And Backcountry Brewing has good pizza and great beer.
+ Howe Sound Brewery


- South or Munchen Haus
- Flying Goat (pizza) in Spokane or South, in Leavenworth.


- In Bishop California everyone is crazy for Burger Barn
- and Schat's Bakery
- but in my opinion the real MVP is Petite Pantry. AWESOME and copious amounts of Mexican food, each day has two all you can eat options and Jay or his wife will wrap your leftovers up as a burrito for the next day!
- what used to be "Tacos Illegal" and is now 'Tacos Guadalajara". George does amazing meats. And CHEAP! Only there Th-Sun....:(
++ Mountain Rambler Brewery / Great food and incredible beer.
- Paiute Palace in Bishop. Much better and much cheaper than standard Bishop food. Happy hour 4:30 to 5:30... 1/2 price everything, Drinks and Food


Joshua Tree
++++ Pie for the People outside Joshua Tree
- Las Palmas (mexican), Yucca Valley CA
- Sam's Pizza has amazing Indian food.  Yes, legit, real, Indian from India Indian food.  New owners, old name.
+ (closed??) Crossroads Cafe outside of Joshua Tree
- The best burrito I've ever had came from Crazy Coyote Tacos, about an hour outside of Joshua Tree.  It's in Banning, CA, right off exit 103 on Interstate 10.  Incredible.

- Idyllwild Brew Pub (new brewery/restaraunt).
- The Lumber Mill for casual but delicious burgers of all types, and for fine Italian dining, Ferro's.
- Anything but Cafe Aroma (terrible service). While the service at Cafe Aroma may not be great, their breakfast is awesome.  Just don't expect to be in and out of there in any timely manner
- Idyllwild Pizza is my parnter and I's go to.  The pizza a good, and the tap list is great, and they're open late (for those many many times we try to squeeze in one more route before it gets dark... it never works out).


Boulder CO
- Southern Sun - Boulder, CO
- Rio Grande in Boulder... Decent Mexican.. but super awesome margaritas on a rooftop deck overlooking the flatirons.. nuff said
- Half Fast Subs
- Walnut Cafe (Breakfast and Lunch)
- Dark Horse for any climb near Boulder. Nothin better than greasy burgers and beer after a long day on the rocks.


Red River Gorge
++ Miguel's Pizza in the Red River Gorge / atmosphere is the best
- Biscuit World in Grayson KY
- Red River Rock house / a better place to eat then Miguel’s
- Koops @ RRG for the sandwiches.
- Skybridge Station in the Red.


Red Rocks

- Red Rock: Babystacks for breakfast (best pancakes on the planet),
- Red Rock Casino for prime rib (nothing special but close, reasonably priced, and consistent)
+ In n Out Burger on West Sahara. Any All-You-Can-Eat buffets you can find in the casinos
- Sweet tomatoes - healthy buffet salad bar
- mint Indian bistro - amazing Nepalese food
- Grimaldi's Pizzeria in Vegas. A little pricey, but they have the best NY style pizza outside of New York. Supposedly they even have some fancy water filtration system to replicate the water back east.
- Sidestreet Pho and Grill
- Pho Saigon 8 (Spring Mtn/Jones)- best Pho in town as far as I can tell. Legit family joint.
- Pin Kaow (Rainbow/Lake Mead)- a climber favorite- several climber friends always go here when they come to town.
- John Cutter (Charleston/Desert Foothills)- Super close to RR, and every Sunday is 1/2 off steaks.- Bachi Burger (Sahara/Ft Apache)
- good burgers with a modern twist, locally owned and operated.
- Frank & Fina (Flamingo/215)- really good Mexican fare with an awesome ambience. I recommend the mole.
- John Cutter has an amazing half price burger special on Tuesdays.Paymons on Sahara has an incredible selection of food at reasonable prices ,and a discount on Wednesdays. Lazy Dog in Downtown Summerlin is a great place to chill with your crag dog AND human partners after sending.
- Yardhouse. Yes, it is a chain, and it is pricey, but it is close, the food is good, and the beer selection is excellent.

New River Gorge
- Cathedral Cafe only when it rains all day
- Hico Exxon on the intersection of route 19 and 60 for good homemade country fare.
++ Tudor's Biscuit World
- Breakfast: Hico Exxon, Tudors
- Dinner: La Carreta (excellent & CHEAP Mexican joint in Summersville),
+ Secret Sandwich Society (expensive, but great food),
- Burrito Bar (good food, but sporadic service), Gino's (ridiculously cheap, great fresh potato chips/fries. Not the greatest quality otherwise, but beats waiting 1 hour for a seat at P&P)
++ Pies and Pints

MOAB/Indian Creek

+ Milts Stop and Eat .....    MOAB / IC / Towers (I can burn thru 3 orders of tots and one of their garden burgers faster than I can build an anchor...
Fiesta Mexicana
Peace Tree Cafe in Moab.

- Tilt'n Diner for Rumney (to be fair, it's about 30 minutes away, but it's a can't-miss stop on the way home) is really awesome, it's sort of a go-to stop for any outdoor trippers coming down from NH on 93 back to Boston.
- Tilton House of Pizza is also awesome!
+ Biederman's in Plymouth if you're at Rumney.
+ Common Cafe is less than a mile from the Rumney parking lot, at the main intersection of town. The breakfasts are great, and the pizza & live music at the upstairs bar afterwards is always quite satisfying too.
- Deacon Street in N. Conway after basically any and all activities

Smith Rock
- Terrebonne Depot near Smith Rock has a great happy hour.
- (Rock City by City of Rocks is also pretty fun, average pizza but great beer selection for the location
- The Lander Bar in Wyoming also)
-  Smith Rock Brewing in Redmond - double the meat in your burger for a $1.50 more and they have onion rings.  Terrebonne Depot does not.


TX: Hueco Tanks
El Pasito (now El Durangito) outside Hueco

Enchanted Rock State Park
- Coopers BBQ for .  Its in Llano, about 20 min away from the park, but on your way back to Austin.
- The Guest Ranch at the Enchanted Tower. Second best green chile burger in New Mexico, and what is more New Mexican than a green chile burger?


Portrero Chico

+++ Edgardo's margarita trailer in El Potrero Chico...not quite food but it should count since it's an institution down there./Edgardo's margaritas area also amazing. Good shot you'll be lit by the time you're leaving the park if you get one
- Faceburger in Hidalgo just outside the Potrero is also pretty high on the list for me. Basically a family making epic (bigger than your face) burgers from their home, serving you in their living room.
- Taco Richards Jr.  on the main road (highway?) in Hidalgo. Doesn't look like much but the tacos are huge, delicious and CHEAP!
- I think the Meat Cage at Potrero Chico is really underrated too. I got a ton of excellent meat and beer for what I think was 5-7 USD. .
- Leo's tacqueria and burrito joint down the street is very good with local prices.


+ Bacchus in new paltz is basically my favorite place to eat post climbing. / More beer available than you could ever drink and the pesto gnocchi is freaking bomb!
- oh and the mountain harbor deli that is just down the road from the visitor center @ the trapps has delicious breakfast sammys (called "the mountain man").
+ Gunks: Mexicali Blue is good but expensive and slow.
- Mexicali is good, but Mexican Kitchen, IMO, is better. It's off the main road, so you're less likely to get stuck waiting an hour and a half for a burrito. The biggest thing Mexicali has is their salsa variety. Mexican Kitchen's owner is a really sweet guy
+  Main Course - Bring your own drink and share a table, great quality food for pretty cheap.
+++ And, of course, if you are a Hans and Fritz guy like me, you have to sample the Mountain Brauhaus -- and the sauerbraten.when you have the $$ and time to wait (or reservations).
- Main Street Bistrot is the place for breakfast with a window seat so you can grab the WiFi from:
- Cafeteria across the road, which has great coffee and a good place to be on a rainy day.
+ Stewart’s / only good for beer runs / Milkshakes / Many a long day has been ended with a satisfied stomach of chili and freshly made milkshakes. I ask that you retract your statement! For nowhere else can you get the most judgemental looks from overbred families and annoyed locals, whilst you walk in with mud-coated legs and overly ripened armpits, and can still pay $10 for a meal for 3 and get it in less time than it takes to pump your gas outside

+++ I know many will agree. The breakfast burritos at the gas station on the way into Eldo! (gas is overpriced dope brrito’s though)
- Southern Sun for Eldo

- El Patron for the Obed

Solera Brewing - Mt Hood area
Jackson's Corner or Rockin' Dave's  - Bend

For Shelf Road
- El Reynaldo's #3 in the Conoco gas station by the High Country Bank in Canon City. Vegetarians beware you'll probably get meat in your veggie dishes, and lard in your tortillas.
- Pizza Madness for Shelf Rd.

Around Carbondale CO.
-Peppino's Pizza after a day of climbing
Jilbertito's off I-70 just west of Glenwood Springs, CO.  Best place to fuel up for the drive west.


Devil's Lake
The Press Box in Baraboo, WI just south of Devil's Lake. Average-quality burgers, a wide selection of awesome deep fried appetizers, and an average beer selection. But it's a local joint and the closest of any quality to the crag. Closed on Sundays. There's a bar next door to the Press Box that has a better beer selection, but IIRC no food. Hooties (yes, you read that right), is closer to the crag, but the food is terrible.

Estes Park

+ Ed's Cantina for Estes Park and RMNP
+ Baba's Burgers & Gyros in Estes Park.

Adirondacks ADK / Keen Valley:

++ Noonmark Diner/ Love the Noonmark, despite too many hangover breakfasts there as a teen. Their pie is fantastic. Fries with gravy too.
- Baxter Mountain Inn between Keene and Elizabethtown, great chef and very reasonable.                                          
- Seneca Rocks- Front Porch Restaurant.
- Also Mackville Mart for breakfast and lunch sandwiches.
- ADK Cafe - better quality food than Noonmark diner, bit more expensive too, they only take credit cards.
- Lisa G in Lake Placid - good pub food
- Big Mountain Deli in Lake Placid - Tons of great sandwiches and wraps
- Baxter Mountain Tavern on the 9N near Hurricane Crag - OK pub food


El Farolito Restaurant in El Rito, NM. The place is crowded with trophies for their green chili. Amazing food, great prices, and three generations under one roof. Can't be beat!

+ Lone Pine, CA  Driving up the 395, no better breakfast than Alabama Hills Cafe. Portions big enough to last three meals. I ate that chicken fried steak all day long. Homemade everything! /Agreed! The burger is the size of my face.

+ Farm Burger - Asheville, NC
- Neo Burrito in Asheville.
+ Mountain Burrito in Morganton, NC Morganton has a ton of great food and drink options for how small it is.  
- Wisteria is also really good
Alberto's in SLC
-Tremont Tavern - Chattanooga, near TWall
+ Mojo Burrito

- The Holy Grail

Lander WY
- Gannett Grill usually gets the climber vote in Lander, WY, but
- Crux Coffee has one of the best sandwiches I've ever had.
- The Middle Fork in Lander has a killer breakfast.

Laurentides in Quebec:
- Baril Roulant hostel & Pub Val-David - Insanely good food with great beer selection, an easy detour when you feel like good food and a great smile.

Index, WA
- Zeke's
- Or you're being hush-hush about the best bread and bomber Vietnamese food you could walk to....
Also, a certain place does deliver to the campground... Oh, sweet Index.



- mouton noir or l'epicurieux at Val David?
- L’épicurieux I haven't tried due to how amazing Baril Roullant, I have to check it out, though a microbrewery tends to tip the scales (along with a hippie waitress with the most amazing smile).

- Dornan's in Moose (Tetons)
- Chippy's Kitchen in the Tetons, best for rest day as you need to hunt it out and they have limited hours.  but well worth it.
- The Bird in the Tetons. Burgers, wings, and beer - away from the tourists.  They grind their own beef in house.


Moat Mountain in North Conway or Black Mountain Burger if you're over the pass in Lincoln.
KT's Hayloft Saloon in Lolo, Montana.
Fry Bread Tacos (or fry bread with desert toppings, or both!) at the ten sleep brewery on Friday nights
Meers Restaurant for the Wichita Mountains in SW Oklahoma
CJ's, Blue Mountain Bakery and Ozark Café for NW Arkansas.

For Moore's Wall, Pilot and Sauratown in NC, Mellow Mushroom in Winston-Salem is the go-to for most of us. It's always super busy on weekends, and there are all sorts of great alternate choices right there downtown.
Dalessandro's Steaks - Livezey/Lincoln Dr. in Philly / Chubbys is way better...Dalessandro's is for tourists.
Speedway or PA TPK eastbound rest stop #288 - Mt. Gretna
Tijuana Tacos or Wawa - Haycock
White Elephant - Lorimer Park
Pumphouse right outside of DLSP?
- Just before the north gate on the way in from Baraboo. Closest place to the lake with a full bar. Good food too. The guys and the family like it. They have a pool table and live music on the weekends.
- The Sluice in Stanley (Sawtooths)

Oscars in Springdale (Zion)
Cooper's at Enchanted Rock
North Shore Cafe in Fawnskin has great burgers close to the Holcomb Pinnacles
TJ's Tacos is the pick for dirtbag climbers at the Riverside Quarry.  If you (like one of my buddies) is too sketched out by the look of the place, the Salted Pig in Riverside is a great GastroPub.
North Conway: MOAT Mountain
Horseshoe Canyon Ranch: Ozark Cafe in Jasper, AR.
T-wall: Urban Stack

George's Corner in St. George, UT.
The Brown Burro Cafe in Fairplay for breakfast before ice climbing at Lincoln Falls.
Coyote Cafe for breakfast sandwich and coffee in Penrose before Shelf, Newlin Creek, Voyager, etc. Also good for an after climb beer on the back patio.
Teds bakery after bouldering Waimea bay. Or surfing anywhere north shore for that matter.
Pizzeria Avanti if in Santa Cruz after CAstle Rock

And Fresco cafe in Santa Barbara right there in 5 points once yer back in town from Gibraltar or the other cragables
Three Rivers CA/Sequoia NP = http://www.sierrasubsandsalads.com/  My favorite sandwich shop ever! Just voted top 100 places to eat in 2017 by Yelp!
SLO/Bishops Peak =
http://www.splashcafe.com/pismo-beach.php   (Chowder!)
Bagels Plus in North Conway go on Fri/Sat/Sun morning and order the Matriarch Boissant, croissant/bagel hybrid breakfast sandwich. They open at 6:30am and are one of the earliest opening places to grab food.BP also has a few local guidebooks in the reading corner.
Sedona AZ it's all about the BBQ stand at Oak Creek Brewing Company! (The one in the alley off Yavapai Rd, not the restaurant.) Live music and quality beer. Not many climbers, mostly just Deadheads and hippies!
Texas Hot in Wellsville, NY. We always make sure to stop there after going to Blue Run in Northern PA. They have special chili sauce for the hotdogs and the milkshakes are the absolute move.