Why did you make a cookbook for climbers?

Because I like to cook and I like to climb.

who are you?

My name is Lotte Meijer, I am a design researcher by day, a gym climber by night, and a rock climber on weekends and vacations. Currently based in Amsterdam, I lived in the US for a couple of years, which explains references to Yosemite and trad climbing.

but why climbers? what about OTHER people? isn't your audience just tiny with just climbers or boulderers?

Yes that is true. But since I'm not going to be rich and famous by making this, I might as well do exactly what. And now I can add climbing anecdotes, draw a nut tools, and include pictures of famous rock faces if I want.

why illustrations and not photographs?

Because I think it's significantly more fun to draw zucchini or cinnamon rolls than to photograph my food.

Cups or grams? Celcius or Fahrenheit?

Both! All recipes have both Metric and US measurements.
And for the Dutch it has translations for non-common words such as 'oats'.

what do I get?

The Joy of Cooking for Climbers is printed on high quality laminated card stock which can take a bit of rain or dew. It includes
+ a set of 16 illustrated recipes for breakfast, snacks, dinner and desserts
+ 13 additonal short recipes from my friends
+ recommendations for places to eat out in popular climbing areas in Europe and the US+Squamish+Portrero contributed by SuperTopo and MountainProject members
+ a 2 or 3mm accessory cord with a handmade figure 8 knot

I have a great recipe you should include!

Please send it to me! If it is tasty, easy to make and it still fits I'll add it to the collection.

I know a great place to eat near a popular climbing area

yes! I'm looking for extra ones - please send any suggestions my way. Preferably *with* a reason why this is the best place to eat in the area, or a dish you particularly like

Can i get a discount?

If you order more than 5 copies you can. Email me for details

How can I contact you?

You can email me at info@cooking-for-climbers.com, or fill out this form: